September 5-7, 2018, Amalfi, Italy.

How to reach Amalfi

Closest Airport The closest airport, at about 80 Km, is Napoli Capodichino. The Rome (Fiumicino) airport is at about 300 Km. From Naples you can reach Amalfi by bus or by ferryboat. It might be convenient to travel to Salerno first. From Salerno you can reach Amalfi by bus or ferryboat. If you arrive in Rome then we suggest to take the route through Salerno by taking a train to Salerno. From Naples by bus (direct) There are private bus services from the airport to Amalfi: Pintorubus. From Naples by bus (from Naples city center) Buses from Naples to Amalfi depart from the SITA main station "Varco Immacolatella" located at the harbor. From Capodichino airport, just outside the arrival gate, take the Alibus shuttle and get out at the central train station (Piazza Garibaldi). From there you have to take a regular bus to reach Varco Immacolatella. There are only few runs to Amalfi. The trip takes 2 hours. From Naples by bus (through Salerno) You might be able to take a direct bus from Capodichino airport to Salerno (a 1-hour trip). There are only few runs per day. Check the "Salerno - Napoli Aeroporto Capodichino" timetable. Once in Salerno you will have to take another bus to Amalfi. From Naples by hydrofoil NOTE: The service might not be available because it runs for the summer and typically ends at the beginning of september. The ending date varies from year to year. For 2011 it ended on Sep 4. We will post information when it will be available.
From Capodichino airport, just outside the arrival gate, take the Alibus shuttle and get out at the Molo Beverello (do not get out at the central train station). From Molo Beverello take the hydrofoil MetrĂ² del Mare. Check the timetable and fares (Click on "Napoli Beverello" for departures from Molo Beverello) and make sure that the service is active (it is a seasonal service and ends sometime in September, the date changes from year to year). From Salerno by bus To reach Amalfi from Salerno you can take SITA bus Salerno-Amalfi. The trip Salerno-Amalfi takes about 50 minutes. You can board the bus at several location in the city; one of them is close to the train station: walk out of the train station and reach the main street, then take a right and walk for about 50 meters. From Salerno by ferryboat From Salerno you can take a ferryboat or a hydrofoil from the pier near Piazza della Concordia. Piazza della Concordia can be easily reached from the train central station (3-minute walk): get out of the railway station, go on the right, then take the second street on the left, cross the big parking lot and you will see an obelisk. Once you have reached the obelisk, you are at Piazza della Concordia and have to go to the Touristic Port, reach the far end of the port and you will be on the deck the ferry leaves (Molo Masuccio Salernitano). Here is a map of the area.
The ferryboat trip takes about 35 minutes The hydrofoil trip takes 30 minutes. Tickets costs around 5-10 Euro and can be purchased near the boarding place. Click here for the timetable (Ferryboat from Piazza della Concordia-Molo Masuccio Salernitano, Tra.Vel.Mar Company). Trains Clearly you can reach Salerno by train from aither Naples or Rome. Check the Trenitalia website for timetables and tickets. Check also the Italo train. Bus Tickets If you plan to take buses notice that you have to buy the UNICO Campania ticket. The fare depends only on the endpoints of the trip and you can buy just one ticket even if you will need more than one bus (regional trains are also included). From Naples to Amalfi you will need the U5 ticket (UNICO, Fascia 5, cost: 4 Euro). From Salerno to Amalfi you will need the "Unico Costiera"ticket". There are 4 types of UNICO Costiera tickets (45-minute, 90-minute, 1-day, 3-day). For a single ride Salerno-Amalfi, you need the 90-minute ticket (Cost 3.60 Euro). in advance (you can find them almost everywhere: bar, newspaper booths, etc.) and have to be stamped on the first bus you take. Notice that the direct service "Napoli Capodichino-Salerno" is a special service for which the cost of the ticket is 7 Euro (the ticket can be purchased on board) - the UNICO ticket is not valid for this bus line. By car Coming from Rome or Naples, the easiest way is to take the exit "Vietri sul Mare" on the highway A3 from Naples to Salerno and then take the route "163 Amalfitana" by following the yellow signs "Costiera Amalfitana". Amalfi is about 18km far from the "Vietri sul Mare" exit.